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Why you smoking doe?

oh deer, that’s illegal! 
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So im working a night shift, and im bored as fuck. So i thought id take a moment to reflect 2012. After spending last new years crying and alone in an alley way i vowed to make my life better. I got rid of the people who bought me down, and met new people, who have turned out to be the bestest friends ever. I have learnt alot about myself; i am strong, resilient, hardworking and i wont let anything break me. I progressed in my job and am doing what i love. And recently, ive got very close with someone ive known a while. And i dont know what this feeling is, but its like theres an invisible pull between us, making me crave and long for his company and touch. And spending this new year with him was pretty special. I am hopeful for 2013. Now its time to put plans into action.. Find myself a home, learn how to drive, quit smoking (which im reallllllllly struggling with btw!) get fit and healthy and become comfortable in my skin, and have lots of new adventures. Everything is so raw and exciting right now, i dont think i have felt so incredibly postive in such a long time. Its safe to say things just keep getting better for me :)

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New bowl, made with real gold :)

ooooh my picture got posted!
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When youve been looking for something for so long and it turns out to be right in front of your eyes. And somehow everything you do fits together so perfectly. Best ending to the year, gonna be an even better start to the new year. So happy :’)

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